www.TradeAssets.Com is wholly owned by Trade Assets Corporation, a privately held Corporation presently owned by President and Founder David C. Popham and investor Michael Jones.

Trade Assets Corporation and the www.TradeAssets.Com concept was a brainstorm of founder and Master Broker David Popham, a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker Salesman, as well as a licensed Florida Yacht Salesman and Aircraft Sales Consultant.

In trying to represent very wealthy individuals in their pursuit to buy and sell rare and specialized assets by means of trade, plus cash for convenience, and the ease of mixing like value assets of great value, the concept evolved as David Popham realized that there is a great niche of wealthy individuals with assets worldwide, who have the desire to sell or purchase other such assets around the world. Thus the revelation that there exists a great need to bring to market on the Internet and in Magazine, a forum in which quality assets of distinction may be traded, plus or minus cash, by private owners, as well as a forum in which brokers may advertise their listed assets for sale or trade worldwide.

NOW : www.TradeAssets.Com
SOON: Trade Assets Magazine

Trade Assets Magazine is a very excellent medium to advertise in, and has at least a quarterly shelf life, as well as time on the Internet at www.TradeAssets.com . This is designed to display for sale and trade the finest assets worldwide simply at your fingertips, to assist yourself, and broker the ease of making your wishes come true in the best way possible in the shortest period of time.

Address: P.O.Box 331061
Miami, FL. 33233-1061
Phones: David Popham
Lee Popham Jr. 305-281-8584
Casey Popham 305-301-3127
Fax: 305-529-1012
Email: tradeassets@aol.com

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All information on site is deemed reliable but not warranted. Trade Assets Corp and Web Site, TradeAssets.com are affiliated with Jeanne Baker Realty, Inc., Jeanne Baker.com and Yachta Yachta.com President David C Popham is a principal and or major share holder in all of these companies as well as other unrelated Corps and or partnerships in which he is a principal or Owner.

Advertising on TradeAssets.com is input from information from owners and agents of many different sources and are subject to further verification by Buyers and or Traders whom should seek advice from Accountants, Lawyers and other experts such as Professional Appraisers selected by yourself and Trade Assets Corp. or TradeAssets.com or other Affiliated companies or Corps shall not be held liable for inaccurate information and or values. Directors and or share holders shall be held harmless. Buyers and Sellers shall be responsible for themselves.

P.O.Box 331061  Miami, FL. 33233-1061
Phones: Casey Popham (305) 301-3127 - Lee Popham Jr. (305) 281-8584 - David Popham (305) 793-1706
 Fax: 305-529-1012 - E-mail: tradeassets@aol.com